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About Us

Meow Mews is a company with a mission to reinvent the modern home cat environment.

The Meow Mews kits are the foundation of a series of modular cat furniture. At the core of the system is a unique joint that allows for complete modularity. The users can easily add and remove sections, disassemble them for easy transporting. With additional modules the functionality of the system can shift with the changing needs of the household and the cat. The future models will expand the system with multiple additional parts and features.

In addition to the expandable functionality, the Meow Mews system is designed to enhance the look of the modern home. Manufactured from sustainably harvested solid wood, the furniture features unique geometry and beautiful organic curves to soothe the eye and enhance the wood's natural beauty, complementing and elevating the appearance of our dwellings.

The Meow Mews system is based on more than three years of studying cats' behavior and extensive market research. The company applies architectural design principles and structures to implement numerous patent-pending technical innovations.

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